Additional Scripts

Table of Contents

  1. Google Scripts
  2. Google Analytics 
  3. Facebook Scripts
  4. Pinterest Scripts
  5. Microsoft Scripts
  6. Thank You Page Script
  7. Header Script
  8. Body Script
  9. Footer Script


Building your ecommerce store on Cartzy is no lesser than a triumph in your business. Besides providing basic online store setup features, Cartzy provides you with flexible and easy to use features to configure your store in a professional manner. Using the Additional Scripts page allows you to add, edit, and manage all your scripts for third party social media tools. 

Path: Store Management > Scripts

You can add the following scripts to your Cartzy account for your store. 

Google Scripts

Google conversion ID 

It tracks conversions generated on your store through Google ads.

Conversion Label

Google Ads conversion tags help to build reports that show you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads – whether they purchased a product, signed up for your newsletter, called your business, or downloaded your app.

Google Meta Tag

Configuring a Google meta tag helps your site to rank in Google search results. 

Google Analytics

Google tracking ID

It’s a unique Google ID generated against your website. It tracks user traffic and user behavior

Facebook Scripts

Facebook Meta Tag

This is used for social media optimization (SMO).

Facebook Pixel ID

It helps in account recognition for Facebook ads as it can track relevant audiences for brand advertisement. 

Pinterest Scripts

Site Verification Tag

It is used to claim a website on Pinterest. 

Pinterest Tag ID

This is used to track your website visitors coming from Pinterest. In short, it tracks and optimizes Pinterest ad conversions. 

Microsoft Scripts

Site Verification Tag

Also known as Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag. It verifies your website on the Microsoft server and helps in ranking your site on Bing. 


This is the code generated against the UET tag. 

Passing Sale Value

It defines the goal associated with the UET tag. Learn more about it

Thank You Page Script

Here you can add the script for the content that you want to display on the Thank You page that appears upon checking out on your store. 

Header script

Here, you can add a custom code for your header. For example, HTML tag for google authentication or site ownership, etc. 

Body script

Here you can add custom code to your website body. For example, inline Google ads, banners, etc. 

Footer script

Just like the header script, here you can add a custom code to run on your website footer. For example, copyright text.