Adding a store domain to Cartzy

Table of Contents

  1. Change DNS records
  2. Connect domain to Cartzy


Running an online store is tricky and challenging especially when it comes to building a reputation of your own in the digital world. You can use Cartzy to set up your dream e-commerce store, but when it comes to the domain name, you definitely want it to be unique.

So, rather than having a sub-domain like "," you would want your site to be the main domain like “” to make it look more professional. Thus, to launch your Cartzy store with your own domain name, you need to add a domain to the store and configure it. 

If you have already purchased a domain from a reliable hosting provider, then you can simply connect it to your Cartzy account. If you don’t have a domain already, then you can buy a new domain from Float Hosting.

Explained below are the steps to connect an existing domain. You can also watch a quick demo to learn about it.

Path: Store Management > Domains > Connect an existing domain



Change DNS records

If you are already registered with another domain registrar, you need to complete steps 1 and 2 on the Change DNS Records page.



Step 1

You need to obtain the A record details from the domain settings of your account where your domain is registered.

If the A record does not exist already, you will have to create a new one against your domain, and then copy those details from your account with domain registrar to Step 1 (in Cartzy). 

You will have to copy the IP Address (given under Step 1) from Cartzy to the A record of your domain that is registered with a third-party registrar. 

Step 2

To fill in these fields, you need to get the CNAME record from your domain registrar. Or, you can also create one, if it doesn't already exist, by logging into the registered account that you used to buy the domain.  

Note: Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, checkmark the boxes given next to them, and click Continue. You will be navigated to the next page “Connect Domain to Cartzy.”



Connect domain to Cartzy

On this page, enter the domain name that you want to add to your Cartzy store. Enter the domain name without the “www” or “http/https” prefixes. Click Connect. 



Once you click the Connect button, the button label will change to Processing to display the current status of the domain connection with your Cartzy store. It takes up to 24 hours for the domain to connect successfully. 

Note: If after 24 hours, the domain is not connected to your Cartzy account, you will get a warning message telling you that the A record and CNAME information entered is not correct. In this case, you can open up a support ticket with your domain registrar to seek further help.