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Buy a float hosting domain - Knowledgebase / Store Management - Cartzy Support Portal

Buy a float hosting domain


Are you setting up your e-commerce store on Cartzy and want to give a unique name to the store domain? If you already have a domain, you can simply connect your domain with Cartzy. If not, don’t worry, Cartzy got you here. You can buy a new float hosting domain within a few minutes by following these steps: 

1. Go to Store Management > Domains > click on Buy a new float hosting domain. 



2. You will be navigated to the Float Hosting domain registration page. Use the search bar to look for the availability of your desired domain name, and click Search. You can enter the complete domain name such as “” or simply “mycartzystore”. 



3. Once you click Search, the system will tell you whether the desired domain name is available or not. If the exact domain name is unavailable, the system will also give you alternate options to select from along with the price. 



4. Once you have made your decision about the domain selection, click Add or Add to Cart, and then click Continue to proceed with the payment. 



5. You will be navigated to your shopping cart, where you can see the domain that you selected for purchase. Leave the ID Protection unchecked. To confirm the purchase, click Continue



6. Next, you will be navigated to the Review & Checkout page. You can review your order, and proceed to checkout. To do so, you either need to log in to your existing float hosting account, or you need to create a new account. 

 a. While creating a new account, you will need to enter your Billing Details. Please enter the valid payment information so you can complete your purchase successfully. 



 b. Once you are logged in, you can pay via PayPal or Credit Card (through Stripe).



7. Go to your Dashboard on float hosting, and click Domains to see the status of your purchased domain. If you have purchased multiple domains, those will be listed here along with their current status.

Whenever you buy a domain, its status is set to Pending initially.

It takes 10-20 minutes or sometimes longer for a domain to become active

👉You can connect your new domain to Cartzy only when its status is Active



8. You can log in again to verify if the status of your domain is set to Active so you can proceed with adding this store domain to your Cartzy store


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