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Cartzy Settings - An Overview

The Settings page within Cartzy is a pivotal control hub that empowers users to fine-tune their e-commerce platform for optimal performance, particularly in the domain of drop shipping. It offers a host of customizable features essential for tailoring the platform to specific needs. Here's an overview of the key modules accessible through the Settings page:

1. General Settings: Configure foundational aspects to align with your business requirements. General Settings

2. Roles and Permissions: Define access levels and responsibilities for different user roles within the platform. Roles and Permissions

3. Users & Role Assignment: Streamline team management by assigning roles to users efficiently. Users & Role Assignment

4. Notifications: Set up notification emails to keep your customers informed about crucial updates and activities.


5. Checkout Configuration: Customize the checkout process to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.


6. Shipping and Delivery Customization: Tailor shipping and delivery options to meet your customers' expectations effectively. Shipping and Delivery

7. File Management: Organize and manage essential files and documents within the platform. Files

8. Legal Pages Management: Ensure compliance and transparency by managing legal pages such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. Legal Pages

9. Tax Settings: Configure tax settings to accurately reflect applicable taxes in the selling process. Taxes

To enhance your understanding of the Settings module and explore the diverse configurations and customizations available through the Settings page, please watch a brief and informative video provided below. This video will offer valuable insights into harnessing the full potential of the Settings module, empowering you to tailor your platform to your precise specifications and needs.


Cartzy Settings Overview

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