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Table of contents

  1. Upload a file
  2. Delete a file
  3. Restore a file
  4. Example - accessing the file via the navigation menu



Cartzy enables you to attach media files and make them available on your store for site visitors. You can attach product guides, additional images, or any other documents using the Files as explained below. 

Once, add a file to your store library, you can then configure the navigation menus to make the file accessible on your store. 

Path: Settings > Files

When you first open the Files section, it appears with an option to upload files. 

Or, if you have already added files to your store, you can access and manage them here. 



Upload a file

1. To upload a file, simply click on the Upload Files button as shown in the first image above. The file selection wizard will appear from where you can select the files from your computer. 

2. Once the file is uploaded: 

a. A success message appears in a notification popup at the top right corner of the page.

b. The uploaded file is assigned a unique URL as shown in the image below. 

c. In the case of an image, the thumbnail preview will display the image. In the case of a PDF file, a document icon will appear. 

d. The name of the file will be displayed. 

You cannot change the name of the uploaded file. If you want to change the file name, you must do it before uploading the file. 



To verify, if the file has been uploaded correctly, you can copy the URL and run it in your browser. 



Delete a file

To delete a file, click on the bin icon given next to the file. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion action. On the Delete File confirmation popup, click the Delete File button to continue. 

👉 The files from the All tab are not deleted permanently. These deleted files can be restored from the Trash



When a file is deleted, a success message appears in a notification popup at the top right corner of the page. If you have deleted all the uploaded files, then the files section will display a text label notifying you that no data is available. 




  • Initially, the deleted files are removed from the All Files tab and moved to Trash. From the Trash tab, you can either restore the file or delete it permanently. 
  • To permanently delete a file, you need to delete it from the Trash as well. 



Restore a file

To restore a file, go to the Trash tab, and click the restore icon. On the Restore File confirmation popup, click the Restore File button. 



Upon confirming the restore file action, the following will occur: 

1. The file will be removed from the Trash tab. 

2. The fill will reappear in the All tab. 

3. A success notification will appear at the top right corner of the page. 

A permanently deleted file cannot be restored as the permanently deleted file is removed from the system library and ceases to appear in the Trash tab. 



Example - accessing the file via the navigation menu

To make a file available on your store, you can either use the navigation menus or you can set up a new page on your store. 

You need to do the following to access a file using the navigation menu. 

1. Upload the file to your system as explained above. 

2. Copy the file URL.

3. Paste the file URL in the header/footer navigation menu, assign it a proper name, and click Save. Learn more about navigation menu configuration

In the image shared below, we have added a file URL in the header menu and named it as File



The image shared below demonstrates how the saved menu item appears in the header menu, which upon clicking loads the saved file through the URL

Similarly, you can add a file accessibility to the footer menu of the store. Or, you can set up a new page, and make the files available there. 

Also, you can link the file URLs to your FAQs section. Learn more about adding FAQs to your store site


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