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Getting Cartzy support - Knowledgebase / Using the Support Portal - Cartzy Support Portal

Getting Cartzy support

Table of contents

  1. Accessing the Cartzy support center
  2. Contact Us form
  3. View your tickets


If you are logged into your Cartzy admin panel and need help on any Cartzy feature, please refer to the Cartzy support portal. Here are the straightforward steps to access the Cartzy support center.

Accessing the Cartzy support center

1. Scroll down on the left side menu, and go to Help > Get Support. 



2. You will be navigated to the Cartzy support center (URL: To enable self-support, Cartzy has an extensive knowledge base in place for you. It contains updated information on the features as well as detailed help guides to answer your questions without relying on the support team. 

a. Use the search bar to look for the topic you need help with. 

b. Or, you can click on the Knowledgebase section to view the available articles.

c. If you don’t find the answer to your questions, you can click on the Contact Us option to reach out to the Cartzy support team. 


Contact Us form

You should use the Contact Us form if the knowledgebase help articles don’t have the information you are looking for. Shared below is an overview of the Contact Us form submission. 

When you click on the Contact Us option on the Cartzy support home page, you are navigated to the Contact Us form on a new page with the URL:



Please fill out the following information on the Contact Us form so the Cartzy support team can assist you. 

1. Name: Enter your name.

2. Email: Provide a valid email address so that the support team can contact you against your query. 

3. Department: Select any of the following three options according to the type of your query. 

a. General queries: Select this option if you have a generic question about Cartzy. 

b. Billing: Select this option if you need assistance with the billing issues or want to confirm something regarding subscription plans. 

c. Technical issues: Select this option if you are facing issues with Cartzy features and need guidance.

When you select the relevant Department option, the following four more fields are enabled on the form: 

    • Name on Cartzy account (if different): Your name on your Cartzy account that you use to log into the Cartzy admin portal. 
    • Registered Cartzy email address (if different): Your email address that is registered for you to log into the Cartzy admin panel. 
    • Cartzy Store URL: The URL of your Cartzy store. 
    • Link to video showing us the issue: You can record a Loom video and provide the link to that video. It will enable the Cartzy support team to look into your issue before responding to your query. It will also avoid delays in offering the required help and resolving the issue.  

4. Subject: This acts like the subject of an Email. So please keep the subject relevant to your question. 

5. Message: This section is where you can provide the details of your question, or explain the steps to reproduce a certain issue. 


One issue at a time: If you have multiple questions or concerns on different subjects, kindly submit them individually. When you submit a query, it creates a corresponding ticket in the Cartzy support portal. By doing this, each matter will have its ticket, facilitating faster issue resolution.


6. Screenshot of your issue: You can also attach a screenshot of the portal or any other Cartzy page/feature you need help with.



Click the Submit button on the Contact Us form to submit your query. The following will occur: 

1. Your message will be submitted to the Cartzy support team. 

2. The page will refresh to display the successful submission of the Contact Us form. 

3. A ticket with a reference number will be created against your message/query on the support portal. You need to log into the Cartzy support portal to view your ticket. If you are not already registered at the support center, you need to register yourself to access your tickets. Any further correspondence against the submitted query will be available on the ticket. 

4. An auto-generated email is sent to you for the confirmation of the submission of your query. The email subject will be the one you entered at the time of submitting the Contact Us form. 



View your tickets

Searching through your email inbox for the correspondence on a particular ticket can be cumbersome and annoying. Therefore, Cartzy keeps the tickets with proper reference numbers for efficient communication and quick resolution. Whenever progress is made against a ticket, a comment is posted on it as well and a notification is sent to you via email. 

To view your tickets on the Cartzy support portal, follow these steps: 

1. Go to the Cartzy support portal:

2. Click on the Login option in the page's top right corner. 

3. Enter your login credentials (your registered email address and a valid password). If you are not already registered on the support portal, please register yourself first. Learn how to register on the Cartzy support portal.

4. Click on the Login button. 

👉 If you are already registered, but can’t recall your password, click on the option “Need a password reminder?” to reset your password. 



5. Upon entering the valid login details, and hitting the login button, you will be redirected to your registered profile on the Cartzy support portal. Click on the dropdown arrow given next to your name’s first letter in the top right corner of the page, and select My Tickets from the dropdown menu. 

6. The page will refresh to display your submitted tickets. All of your submitted queries will be listed as tickets. You can click on a ticket to view the ticket history and learn about the progress of that ticket. You can also send a follow-up message by posting a comment on the ticket. 


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