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Adding a new customer - Knowledgebase / Managing Customers - Cartzy Support Portal

Adding a new customer

In a dropshipping business model, the customers usually sign up on the store themselves for order placement. However, there can be cases where the sales or the support agents have to add a customer record to the system from the admin panel. 

Adding a new customer manually to the Cartzy store through the admin panel is a very straightforward process as explained with the help of steps below. 

Path: Left side menu > Customers. 

1. On the Customers page, click on the Add Customer button at the top right corner of the page. 



2. The Add Customer page will open where you can add the following information to the customer record:

a. Customer Details: The following fields are available to input customer basic information: 

        • Name 
        • Email
        • Mobile Number

b. Address: The following fields are available to input the complete address details of the customer. 

        • Name
        • Business Name
        • Address 
        • Apartment, suite, etc.
        • City
        • State/Province
        • Zip code
        • Country

c. Email Marketing Permission: You can checkmark this option with the consent of the customer whether they want to receive the marketing/promotional emails or not. 

d. Tags: You can add different tags here to categorize your customers. For example, for manually added customers, you can use the tag “manually added.” 

e. Notes: This section can be used to write some information about the customer for future reference. This is private to the admin or whoever has access to the customers’ records in the system. 



3. Once you have added the customer details, click on the Save Customer button at the top right corner of the page. 



4. The customer will be added to the system and their details will be saved. A notification popup containing the success message will appear at the top right corner of the page. 



5. When a new customer is added to the system, the page automatically refreshes to load the main Customers page where the newly added customer is listed. If the checkbox “Email Marketing Permission” was checked for the customer, then the customer record will have the status “Subscribed” as shown in the image below. 


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