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Cancelling an Order - Knowledgebase / Orders - Cartzy Support Portal

Cancelling an Order

Order cancellation is very straightforward in Cartzy. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below to cancel an order. 

1. Go to All Order > Orders.

2. Search for the order that you want to cancel. 

3. Click on the hyperlinked order number to open the Order Details page. 



4. On the Order Details page, expand the More Actions menu and click the Cancel option as shown below. 

5. On the Cancel Order popup, use the dropdown selection list to select the order cancellation reason, and click the Cancel Order button. 



6. As soon as you click the Cancel Order button on the Cancel Order popup window, the following will occur: 

a. The order will be canceled and a success notification will appear on the top right corner of the page. 

b. The Order Details page will be refreshed to display the updated order details. 

c. The order will be marked as Cancelled

d. The payment status will be updated to Payment Refunded

e. The option to edit the order will no longer be available. 

f. The order history (Timeline) will be updated to list the recent events that took place against the order. 




ā¯—Order cancellation is not possible for the fulfilled orders or the orders with the status “Fulfilled.” 


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