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Cartzy Product Reviews App

Table of contents

  1. Viewing product reviews
  2. Hide/Show a product review
  3. Create a product review
  4. Video: Product Review App



Looking for a product reviews app that will take your eCommerce business to the next level? Cartzy is exactly what you need! With our powerful and easy-to-use features, you'll be able to get insights into what your customers are saying about your products and make data-driven decisions that will increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

❗Please note that only the logged-in customers can leave a product review on your store. Therefore, you need to encourage your customers to sign up on your store. 

Whenever a logged-in customer leaves a product review, it gets published immediately on the product page. However, from your Cartzy admin panel, you can hide a review if needed. 



Viewing product reviews

All the product reviews submitted by your customers are listed on the Reviews page in the Cartzy admin panel. You can view them at the path: Apps > Product Reviews. 

👉 All the product reviews that are posted on your store will have the status “Published”. 

When you open the product reviews page, the All tab is opened by default. It shows the list of all the product reviews regardless of their published status. If you want to filter the product reviews by published or unpublished status, you can switch between the following two tabs respectively. 

  • Approved: It shows only published product reviews. 
  • Hidden: This tab shows the product reviews that were unpublished from the store. 



Hide/Show a product review

To hide a particular product review, click open the product review page by clicking on its Review Id. On the View Review page, click on the Unpublish button. 

❗Clicking on the Delete Review button will permanently delete the review from the system. Once a review is deleted, you cannot republish it. 



All the unpublished reviews are listed on the Hidden tab on the Reviews page. The hidden/unpublished review will be removed from the storefront immediately. 

To publish a hidden view, repeat the same steps. This time, the button will be labeled as “Publish” instead of “Unpublish”. Click on the Publish button. The hidden review will be published again. 

Once an unpublished product review is published, it is removed from the Hidden tab and is listed on the Approved tab instead. The status of the review is also updated to Published. The product review starts appearing on the relevant product page of your store as well. 


Published product reviews on the product page (storefront)


Create a product review

Being a store admin, you can also add a product review on behalf of a customer. To do so, follow these simple steps: 

1. On the Review page, click on the Create Review button. 

2. On the Create Review page, enter the following information: 

    • Reviewer’s Name (Your Name): Enter the name of the customer on whose behalf you are reviewing a product. 
    • Rating: Select the stars for the star rating. 
    • Customer Review: Enter the comment about the product. 
    • Select the product from the right panel using the Browse button or the search bar given next to it. The review will be published on the product page of the selected product. 

3. Hit the Save button. The review will be published instantly. 

👉 It is not advisable to use this feature to add fake product reviews. However, this feature comes in handy when you want to add product reviews with customers’ consent. 



Video: Product Review App

Watch a quick demo video shared below to see the Cartzy Product Review app in action. 


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