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Configuring global settings for your store theme - Knowledgebase / Store Management - Cartzy Support Portal

Configuring global settings for your store theme

Table of contents

  1. Theme settings
  1. Add to cart button
  2. Price label color 
  3. Checkout page



To configure the global settings of your store theme, go to Store Management > Theme > click the Customize button > click Theme Settings on the next page. 


Theme settings

Once you click the Theme Settings option, the page will be refreshed to display the list of configuration features that will impact the global settings of your store theme. 

To go back to the main Themes page, click the back arrow given at the top left corner of the page. 



Click the Theme Settings again to configure the global color and font settings. 




Here you can configure the global color settings of your store. 



1. Font Text Color: It’s the color of the text that appears anywhere on your store. 

2. Button Color: It’s the color of the buttons that are available in your store, excluding the Add to Cart buttons.  

3. Button Text color: It defines the color of the buttons (excluding Add to Cart)available throughout your entire store. 

4. Button Hover Color: The button text color changes to this color when hovered over. It applies to all the buttons of your webstore, excluding the Add to Cart buttons. 




The Font option under Theme Settings lets you configure the font style and font size for the content of your store. 

Font Family

It will impact the menu items text, header text, product names, description, and pricing, as well as the footer text. In short, you can select a font style once for all the content on your store in a single click. 

It’s not just a handy option for quick customization, but also ensures uniformity in design. 

Font Size %

This field lets you configure the font size ratio. Ideally, it is set to 100%. 

The font size will take impact proportionally to the dimension of each section that contains the text. 

For example, the 100% font size for header menu items will be different from the 100% font size of the title in the banner. 

These font settings are global and will impact every page on your store. You can always switch between different pages of your store to get a real-time preview of the updated settings.



Add to cart button

You can explicitly configure the layout of the Add to Cart button on your store. These settings will take impact wherever the Add to Cart button is available on your store. 

1. Button Color: You can select any color or enter the color code to set the color of the Add to Cart button. 

2. Button Text Color: It’s the color of the button label i.e., the text that appears on the button. For example, in the image shared below, it’s “ADD TO CART”. 

3. Button Hover Color: Here, you can define the color the button label should change to when hovered over. In the image shared below, it’s white. 



Price label color 

Here, you can select the price display text color or enter your desired color code. It will impact the price labels that are displayed throughout your store. 



Checkout page

Besides global theme settings, Cartzy allows you to set up a different layout for your Checkout page. Once you click the Checkout Settings option, the Checkout page will be loaded in the preview section for you to see real-time layout changes. You can configure the following: 

1. Text Color: You can select a different text color for your checkout page. Enter the desired color code or select from the color picker. 

2. Button Color: You can explicitly change the color of the buttons on your Checkout page. 

3. Button Text Color: Your checkout page buttons can be labeled in a different color than what you set up for the buttons on other pages of your store. 

4. Button Hover Color: This option allows you to explicitly configure the button labels color for hovering response, on your checkout page. 


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