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Enable Order Tracking

Order tracking is handy when you want to lower the number of support queries inquiring about the order shipment/delivery status. In Cartzy, you can enable order tracking for your customers and sleep in peace without having to worry about responding to such queries. This is also a way of empowering your customers by urging them to do self-help i.e., they can track the order anytime without having to rely upon your support team. 

You can enable tracking only for the fulfilled orders. 

To enable order tracking, follow these steps: 

1. On the Order Details page, click the Add Tracking button. 



2. The Add Tracking button will open the Update Tracking popup window asking for the following information: 

a. Shipping Carrier: First select the shipping carrier that you are using to deliver the order to the customer. 

b. Tracking Number: Add the tracking number of the parcel. A tracking number is issued when you dispatch an order for shipment.

3. After filling in the correct information, click Save



4. A notification of success message will appear at the top right corner of the page. 

5. The Order Details page will be refreshed to display the tracking information. You can now see the selected courier company along with a hyperlinked tracking number. This link, when clicked, will take the user to the order tracking page on the courier company’s website. Therefore, please ensure that you enter the valid information in the Update Tracking popup window. 



6. Order history (timeline) is also updated to reflect the action of “enable tracking” on the order. 


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