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General Settings - Knowledgebase / Store Settings - Cartzy Support Portal

General Settings

Table of contents

  1. Store details
  2. Business address
  3. Store address
  4. Standards and formats
  5. Store currency
  6. Save changes



While the Store Management module enables you to customize the look and feel of your webstore, Cartzy has a separate module of Store Settings where you can configure the functional features that are used for administrative, support, and sales purposes. 

Using the General Settings, you can set up the basic details of your store such as address, support email, currency, timezone, and format & units used in orders. 

Path: Store Settings > General Settings

Store details

Under this section, you can add the basic information about your online store. 

  • Store Name: Whatever store name you entered while initiating the setup of your store on Cartzy, appears here. You can edit/update the store name here. 
    • This store name will be reflected in the value of the variable placeholder used for the store name. 
    • This store name will be reflected in the browser tab when your store website is opened in a browser as demonstrated in the image below. 
  • Store Industry: Use the dropdown selection list to select the relevant industry of your dropshipping business. 
  • Store Contact Email: This is the email address at which you want to be contacted by the Cartzy support team for any queries or updates. 
  • Customer Email: This is the email address where you will receive the customers’ messages/queries that are sent through the contact form on your store. 




Business address

This address should match your credit card details. Because, when you are running Google ads, Google will look at your business address and will compare it against the credit card that you are using. If the two addresses don’t match, your profile can be flagged as fraudulent. 

So, if you have a business that you just created, and your credit card has a different address, then you can call your credit card company and request an address change to match your business address. 

For example, if you are running your business in America and targeting American customers, but your credit card has the details of your home address in the UK, then you must update your address on your credit card.

It’s your business address that you will mention on the policy page of your webstore. 



Store address

This is the address that will appear in the footer of your web store i.e., the customers can see your store address and get an idea about where you are based. 

For example, if you are targeting the customers of America and your store is located in Canada, but you want the customers to know that you are in the same region as they are i.e., America, then you can also use a dummy address here. Unlike the business address, the store address does not have to be valid. 

If you want to keep the store address the same as the business address, just tick mark the checkbox given under Store Address. The store address fields will be populated with the same information as you entered in the business address fields. 



Standards and formats

  • Time zone: You can configure the time zone for your store to match your business time zone. 
  • Unit System: Here you can select the unit system and units you want to use to display your products’ parameters. For example, weight, or size.  
  • Order ID format: Each order, when generated, is assigned a unique order ID. Here you can customize the prefix and suffix of the order ID. 
    • Unique order number: 12
    • Prefix: ORD
    • Suffix: Cartzy
    • Order ID: ORD-12-Cartzy



Store currency

Here you can configure the store currency that you want to use to sell your products. For example, if you are using USD, and the customer is buying from India, then the customer will be charged according to the current exchange rate of USD to the Indian rupee. 



❗ Once you make a sale on your store, the currency can no longer be changed. You will have to contact the Cartzy support team in that case. 



Save changes

When you edit any setting on the page General Settings, you are prompted to discard or save the changes that you have made. If you click Save, the changes will be saved, and the page will be refreshed to display the updated settings. However, if you click Discard, the edits will not be saved. 

Once you save the edited settings, you cannot revert the changes by clicking Discard afterward. To restore the previous state of settings, you will have to configure the settings manually and save them. 


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