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Refunding an Order - Knowledgebase / Orders - Cartzy Support Portal

Refunding an Order

Cartzy is smartly designed to cater to all the needs of a drop shipping business. Refunding is a basic feature that an e-commerce platform should have, but using the refund feature often becomes a challenge. But don’t worry, the Cartzy refund feature is simple to use as explained below. 

You can refund only those orders that are already fulfilled and have the payment status “Payment Paid.”

1. Go to All Orders > Orders

2. Search for the order that you want to refund.

3. Click on the hyperlinked order number to open the Order Details page. 



4. On the Order Details page, click on the Refund option given in the top left corner of the page. 



5. On the Refund page, the following three refund options are available to choose from: 

a. Refund items amount: It will refund only the price of the ordered items and not the shipping charges. 

b. Refund items + shipping amount: It will refund the price of the ordered items as well as the shipping fee. 

c. Refund manually:  The system will consider it a total amount refund and will reflect the same in the order timeline. Whatever amount the admin refunds manually offsite through external means will not be captured or reflected in the system. Therefore, to keep a record of manual refunds, you are advised to add comments under the Notes section on the order page. 

When you select any of the above options, the Refund button label is updated accordingly to reflect the amount that will be refunded against the selected option. 

6. After selecting the suitable option, click on the Refund button. 

7. When the Refund button is clicked, the following occurs:

a. The order is refunded, and a success notification appears in a popup on the right corner of the page.

b. The page refreshes to display the Order Details page. 



c. The payment status is changed to Payment Refunded. 



d. On the Order Details page, the Payment Refunded section displays the refunded amount



e. The order history (Timeline) is also updated to reflect the order refunded event along with the refunded payment details. 


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