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Total sales report

A total sales report offers valuable insights into the overall health and performance of the business. It serves as a foundational tool for strategic decision-making, allowing the platform to adapt and grow in a dynamic market.

Using Cartzy’s Total Sales report, you can quickly grasp the essential details of your sales, including what was sold, when it happened, the revenue generated, and any applied discounts.



When you open the reports page at the path: Analytics > Reports, you will be able to get a snapshot of total sales in USD for the last thirty days being displayed in the Finances report section. Please refer to the image shared above. 

The total sales report in Cartzy provides a concise overview of key transaction details during a specific period. Here's a summary of each stat:

1. Date: Indicates when the sale occurred, helping track sales trends over time.

2. Order Number: It’s a unique identifier for each transaction, facilitating order tracking and customer service.

3. Product Name: It specifies the product sold, aiding in identifying popular items and managing inventory.

4. Gross Sales:

    • Definition: The total revenue generated before any deductions.
    • Significance: Represents the initial income from sales transactions.

5. Discount:

    • Definition: Reduction in the total sales amount due to discounts applied.
    • Significance: Reflects the impact of promotional activities or customer discounts on revenue.

8. Total Sales:

    • Definition: The net sales amount after accounting for discounts.
    • Significance: The actual revenue retained by the platform, providing a clear picture of financial performance.



👉 By default, the report is extracted for the last 30 days. You can use the calendar option given at the top right corner of the page to customize the date range for which you want to pull the Total Sales report. Learn more about date customization

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