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Users & Role Assignment - Knowledgebase / Store Settings - Cartzy Support Portal

Users & Role Assignment

Table of contents

  1. Create a user & role assignment
  2. Edit a user
  3. Delete a user



A user refers to a record of a member that you have added to the system. Multiple users can have the same permissions and role assignment. However, one user can be assigned only one role.

For example: 

User 1: Alex

User 2: Maria

Role Type 1: Support Agent 

Role Type 2: Sales Admin

In this case, both Alex and Maria can be assigned the role of Support Agent. 

However, none of these two users can be assigned two roles at one time. Alex could either be a Support Agent in your system or a Sales Admin. 

💡 If there is a situation where a user is performing the duties of two roles, then you can create a new role with the permissions sets of both existing roles. And, then assign that new role to the user performing the tasks of two existing roles. 

Learn how to create a role and manage permissions

Create a user & role assignment 

To register a member of your staff as a system user, follow these steps.

1. On the Users page, click on the Create User button at the top right corner of the page. 



2. On the Create User page, enter the following information: 

    • Role: Use the dropdown menu to select one of the existing roles. 
    • Name: Enter the name of the user.
    • Email: Enter a valid email address. The newly registered user will create an email at this address, containing the login information. 
    • Password: Enter a password of your choice. This will be the password the user will initially use to log into the system. The user will have the choice to change the password later on. 
    • Confirm Password: Enter the same password that you provided in the Password field. 

Once done, click the Create button



3. Upon clicking the Create button, the following occurs: 

    • The new user is created successfully.
    • A success notification appears at the top right corner of the page. 
    • The page refreshes to load the Users page, where the newly created user is listed at the top of the page. 
    • An email is dispatched to the user. The email contains the user login details along with the Store Admin URL. 



(Email dispatched to the new user upon creating a new user)



Edit a user

To edit a user, follow these simple steps: 

1. Click the kebab menu icon given against the user record on the Users page, and select the Edit User option. 



2. On the Edit User page, you can edit all the information that you provided at the time of creating the user. 

    • Role: You can assign a different role to the user. 
    • Name: You can update the name of the user. 
    • Email: You can enter a different email address for the user to receive emails. 
    • New Password: You can fulfill the password reset requests. 

When the desired/requested changes are made, click Save



3. Once the edits are saved, the page will be refreshed to display the Users page. Also, a notification popup containing the success message will appear at the top right corner of the page. 



Delete a user

A user record can be deleted in two simple steps as explained below. 

1. Click on the kebab menu icon against the user name, and select the Delete User option from the dropdown menu.

2. On the Delete User confirmation popup, click the Delete button to delete the user. 

The action of deleting a user is irreversible.  



3. The user will be deleted successfully from the system and a notification popup containing the success message will appear at the top right corner of the page. The Users page will be refreshed to display the updated list of the users.  


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