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Creating a new collection - Knowledgebase / Products and Collections - Cartzy Support Portal

Creating a new collection

Table of Contents

  1. Collection details
  2. Collection image
  3. Collection availability
  4. Products
  5. Search engine listing preview
  6. Saving the new collection



Once you have added products to your store, you can categorize the same products under one folder and present them as a collection in your store. For example, if you have watches of different models for men and women, as well as a variety of shoes, rather than scattering all the products on one page, you can display these products under a separate collection of watches, and shoes respectively. 

You cannot create a collection unless you have added at least one product to your store already. Because, once you create a collection, you have to add a product to it. And without a product, having a collection makes no sense. 

Creating a collection in Cartzy is very easy. Just go to the path mentioned below and fill in the required information on the Create Collection page. 

Path: Products > Collections > Click on the Create Collection button. 



On the Create Collection page, you will see the following sections where you need to input information about your new collection.

  • Collection Details
  • Products
  • Collection Availability
  • Collection Image
  • Search Engine Listing Preview

Collection details

Enter the title and the description of your new collection. Whatever text you enter here will appear on the front-end site of your store where the collection is listed. 



Collection image

Click on the Add Image button to upload an image file for your collection. Once the image is uploaded, the following will occur: 

  •  Its preview will start appearing in the image placeholder as demonstrated in the screenshot below. 
  • A text box will appear to add the image alternative text. Here, you can add the Image Alt Text for the screen reading tools as well as for SEO purposes. 



Collection availability

This section gives information about the availability of your product collection i.e., on which channels, stores, or apps, your product collection is available.

Since you are setting it up on your online Cartzy store, the collection availability will be “Online Store” by default for your new product collection. 




This is the section where you add the products to your store. Please note that you can link only those products that are already added to your Cartzy store. To add a product: 

1. Either enter the name of the product in the search bar to search for your product or click on the Browse option to choose the product from the list of available products. 

2. On the Select Products popup window, select the desired product(s), and click Done

💡 If the list of products is too long, you can customize the list view by changing the number of products that you want to view at one time to choose from. Use the Per Page dropdown selection option to customize the products list view. 

If there are no products in your store, then you must create a new product before creating a new product collection. 



3. Once you click Done, the selected product will start appearing under the Products section. It indicates that the product has been added to the new collection that you are creating. 

4. If you have added multiple products, and it appears as a long list of products under the Products section, you can always customize the list view to display a certain number of products per page by using the Per Page dropdown selection option. 



5. You can also sort the added products chronologically or in reverse order by using the Sort By option given next to the Browse option. 



Search engine listing preview

This section allows you to control two things: 

  • The display of your product collection when it appears in search results. You can customize the search engine listing view of your product i.e., it enables you to customize the title, description as well as the page URL. 
  • SEO ranking of your product collection page. 

By default, the Page Title becomes the slug of the collection page URL. 

💡 Enter optimized content because this section helps in better SEO ranking of your collection. 

Whatever title and description content you enter here will not alter anything that was added earlier under the Collection Details section. 



The Search Engine Listing Preview is saved only when the collection is saved as explained below. So, once the product collection is saved, you can open it in edit mode to see the search engine listing preview. 



Saving the new collection

Once you have added all the details of your product, click the Save Changes button at the top right corner of the page. The following will occur: 

  • The new product collection will be added to your store.
  • A success notification will appear in a popup.
  • You will be navigated back to the Collections page where your new product collection will be listed at the top. From here, you can further manage your collection as per business requirements. 


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