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Cartzy Onboarding - Watch Me First

When you sign into your new Cartzy account for the first time, you will be prompted with a welcome message window that also displays your store details. You can click on the Let’s Get Started button to navigate to the Quick Start Wizard to set up your Cartzy store in just a few steps. 



Cartzy's Quick Start Wizard allows you to get your online store ready and running in eight steps. After completing each step, click on the Continue button to go to the next step. If at any time, you want to close the setup wizard, just click the option “Exit to Dashboard”.

💡If you don’t want to use the Quick Start Wizard to set up your store, you can always configure your store information and settings through the options given in the left menu in the Cartzy admin panel. 

Eight steps of Quick Start Wizard

1. Set Store Name & Domain

2. Store Logo

3. Choose Theme

4. Business Details

5. Shipping

6. Taxes

7. Legal Pages

8. Payment Providers



Video: Cartzy Onboarding

Watch a quick demo video of getting started with Cartzy. 



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